Walkera Dragonfly #39 Helicopter 

R5290-00 (secure link)

3D Flight Electric RC Helicopter. Collective Pitch Drive Normal Mode.The Tail Blade is Driven by Belt!

Ready to Fly

Technical Data:  

-- Total length: 600mm
-- Main Blades diameter: 675mm (foamy material)
-- Motor: 380 brushless
-- Tail rotor diameter: 145mm
-- Total weight: 720g(including the battery)
-- Servo: 9g x 4
-- Gyro: outer placed
-- Battery:li-polymer(11.1v,1500mah),
-- Flying time: 8-15 minutes (Li-polymer battery)

-- Radio System: 6 Channel (included)

1.  Adopting normal 3D mode and the 3D mode is adjustable screw space.
2. 380 brushless motor, belt drive system, adjustable screw space in the tail blade; has strong power to meet strong wind.
3.  Can fly in skyway, backward and 3D aerobatic.  
4.  The controller is equipped with 3D mode switch; PZT and PLT adjustable knob, and can be adjusted to the best flying state.